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Actually this is a scientific sensation, albeit one almost unnoticed outside the realm of Kratom initiates and Kratom aficionados.

Because the Kratom Shack really exists!

It was just recently discovered on a tiny island hidden somewhere in the Caribbean.

It has almost fallen to pieces in the last centuries, but it is definitely proven and beyond doubt that this little shack was the last retreat of Kra Tom, one of the most notorious of the Caribbean pirates in the late 17th century.

Crumbled documents prove that this Kratom Shack was where Kra Tom died happily of cordial arrest after extended intercourse at the age ofAncient Documents proving the kratom shack existed 101 on Dec. 6th, 1702, surrounded by his 63 wives in assorted colors, his 234 children from all these marriages in even more assorted colors and his 2345 grandchildren in all colors of the rainbow.

Sponsored by the Kratom Underground Network (KUN) for the last two years extensive excavations have been made under and around the Kratom Shack and finally all the effort and the investment has proven to be justified:  A small silver chest was discovered two meters below the former bathroom, beyond a thick layer of gold coins and moldy love letters. It contained unfortunately just very few pages of what once must have been Kra Tom’s log books.

We have employed world’s best paleographists to decipher the content, which is extraordinarily difficult due to the state of these these papers.

But finally we can present the first results. As was to be expected, they focus mainly on Kra Tom, his Kratom Shack and Kratom, which just much later was scientifically called mitragyna speciosa.

If you are interested - we know, you are, otherwise you had neither found this site nor read so far - you can find some excerpts on the following product pages.

Have fun but don’t forget: this is only for scientific research or incense, but never ever for human consumption!

Keep in mind: you can easily let other people’s experiences go up in sweet smoke, but you can never live or reenact them!

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Malaysian Kratom
Malaysian Kratom
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